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It is very often that we fill any online form or change our account’s picture. All the places demand a different file format. So, if you know how to use Photoshop, then you can convert PNG to JPG on your own. But this process can take time and effort. On the other hand, our PNG to JPG converter will take only a few seconds to do that.

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Convert PNG to JPG Online - PNG to JPG Converter

Basic Introduction

Most of the Internet users have the misconception that both these things are the same. Secondly, they don’t know the difference between them. If you look from above both appear to be the same. The major differences lie in their properties. PNG is best suited for use in Websites because they load quickly. JPG can be the best option for using Social media platforms and blogs.

The picture quality of the JPG file decreases after we open and save them. Whereas PNG retains its quality in spite we open and save them. As a result, we use PNG for professional photography. The use of both of them can vary depending on situations.

How to convert PNG to JPG?

Now as you have decided to convert your PNG to JPG so you can use our Converter which is free of cost and very easy to use. However, this process is very simple but the quality of converted JPG image depends on the quality of PNG image you have used. In short, if you want a good quality image file then use a good quality PNG. Now follow the steps to use to convert your files.

  1. The PNG to JPG converter is an online tool. Therefore you would require an Internet connection. This tool can run on any type of device. Only it should have access to the Internet.
  2. Open your Web Browser (Chrome, Opera, UC Browser, Safari, etc).
  3. Then head towards this website: PNG to JPG Converter
  4. When the website loads then upload your PNG file which you want to convert into JPG. Even more, You can upload multiple files.
  5. Wait for some time.
  6. In the end, one popup blink to save your image in your computer.
  7. Save or Download the JPG file to your computer.

Why use our PNG to JPG converter?

Our website is specifically designed to make the user interface very simple and user-friendly. Just three steps: Upload, Convert and Download. It’s very easy and totally free.

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