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Not all the online websites demands for JPG format pictures. There are some places where you need PNG format pictures too. You can use our tool to convert JPG to PNG files. Many Internet users think that both formats are basically the same thing. No, they are wrong. There are a lot of differences between them. This Online JPG to PNG converter will help you to convert JPG images to PNG images.

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JPG to PNG Converter Online Tool - Convert JPG to PNG

JPG to PNG Converter Online Tool

PNG are more likely to be used on websites. Mostly it is used for storing pictures of lines, simple drawings, and text. It's a better format to use on websites than GIF. JPG is an ideal choice if you want to save pictures or images in a small size. It is best for uploading on social media or blogs. Both of them look the same from the above but under them lies deep differences.

Most importantly the picture quality of JPG declines slowly every time we open and save it. On the other hand, nothing happens to PNG. Therefore PNG is preferred for professional photos. So, as a result, you may convert your JPG image to PNG image.

How to convert JPG to PNG?

The conversion process is very simple using our tool. Follow these steps to convert the files quickly. No sign up required and no charges. It’s absolutely free and simple!

  1. This is an online process so make sure you have an active Internet connection. You can use any device (Mobile / Laptop / PC / Tablet) which can run the Internet.
  2. Open your web browser then go to this website: JPG to PNG Converter
  3. Once the website loads then find an option to "Upload" or Drag and Drop JPG files. Also, you can upload multiple files here.
  4. When you upload the files then upload process start and now you have to wait for complete the upload process.
  5. Once the converter finishes its process then one popup will come for save the converted PNG file.
  6. Download and save the PNG file to your device.

Why to use our Converter?

There are many online converters on the web but what makes us special. We have created a very simple process for converting JPG into PNG file. It’s just two-step process: Upload your files, and then download the PNG files. We promise that the quality of the picture will not decline and you will get a satisfactory result. Please note that the quality of the converted PNG image will depend on the quality of the JPG file.

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