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Bluehost vs HostGator – Which one is the Best? Why?

First of all congratulations, you have decided to start a blog or website. Are you confused to decide between Bluehost and HostGator? Which hosting platform to choose for creating your website or blog? Then you are not alone if you feel confused to decide between them. Many bloggers and web developers have done a wrong comparison between Bluehost vs HostGator.

To choose between these popular and all-time favorite web hosting platforms is not easy. How much? It is as complicated as connecting all the stories of Game of Thrones in mind. So, First of all, we would look at each and every aspect to compare between these two web hosts. Then we would declare the winner which will be the best in that aspect. At last, you will be confirmed about which one is the best web hosting platform for starting your website or blog on. We have written one article for specially about Bluehost reviews. You must have to read it.

Before we start the head to head comparison between these web hosting giants, let’s know the important criteria you need to look before choosing a web hosting platform to work on. These are the top five most important features which you should never forget before choosing a web host.

  1. Beginners Friendliness
  2. WordPress
  3. Security
  4. Customer Service and Support

Now the fight for becoming Best Web Hosting platform begins of Bluehost vs HostGator.

Bluehost vs HostGator

ROUND 1: Beginners Friendliness

This is the tough fight to choose the best web host which has the easiest process to get started with. Even more, everyone is not a born genius. That’s why We would here compare the platforms regarding how much beginner’s friendly is it? Pricing, Money back guarantees, domain registration process and installing the WordPress Content Management system on your website will be compared.

Bluehost HostGator
$3.95/mo* $2.75/mo*
Money Back Guarantee
In the Bluehost you will only get a money back guarantee for 30 days. What’s more disappointing? You will not get any refund on the add-ons. No money will be refunded for the domain name you registered. Also, if you ask the refund after these 30 days of guarantee period then you will not receive a single penny. The hosting plans of HostGator provide full money back guarantee for 45 days. Whereas Bluehost only gives money refund for hosting not domain registration. If you are unsatisfied with the services of HostGator under 45 days, you will receive full refund.
Domain Registration
If you sign up for a hosting plan in Bluehost you will receive a free domain. This domain is free for one year. After that renewal charges will be imposed. With HostGator you don’t get any free domain. A new domain registration is possible by paying for it. However if you already have a domain registered in different platform then you can simply migrate it.
Installing WordPress
Bluehost offers MOJO Marketplace which can help with the WordPress installation process. It is so simple that you can do it from your c-panel. HostGator also offers the MOJO Marketplace. Here you can also read some tutorials for making your task easier.
Website Building
The on-site website building is powered by Weebly. In HostGator you can use the WYSIWYG which is a very easy and productive method for website building. You just need to drag and drop the items you want to add in your website.


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Have you decided to use WordPress to build your website or blog but you are confused between HostGator and Bluehost. Which side to go for? WordPress is the most successful content management system. Even more, there are more than 25% of the websites available on the Internet are managed on WordPress! WordPress is very easy to manage any new user and anyone can customize it. Even more, there are too many free WordPress themes and plugins available on the internet. You can use these themes and plugins to utilize your website and start making an online business website.

Bluehost Web Hosting Review HostGator Web Hosting Review
Official Recommendation
WordPress and Bluehost have started working very closely since 2005. Not only that, WordPress.org recommends Bluehost. There are no ties between WordPress and HostGator.
Bluehost implements some very special architecture engineering techniques. It makes it really fast when using WordPress. The web pages in HostGator have lightning loading speed. It implements techniques for clearing caches so that website loads faster.
WordPress Security
You will get a free SSL certificate in Bluehost with WordPress CMS. Premium site lock security, CDN and WAF are available. Even more, In Bluehost you can avail the dedicated and automatic backups. A free global CDN and anti-malware tool is included with HostGator. But no free SSL certificate. It also has some very strong website protection tools to prevent from hacking attacks.


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In the battle of Bluehost vs HostGator security cannot be neglected. In today’s time website hacking and attacks have become common. So it is very important to choose a platform which provides good security to keep your website or blog safe.

Bluehost vs HostGator Review HostGator vs Bluehost Review
SSL Certificates
Free SSL certificate with successful sign up in Bluehost. Along with SSL you get a dedicated IP address. HostGator doesn’t provide you with a free SSL certificate. Domain validated SSL are issued with no cost.
DDoS Protection
Your Bluehost website or blog is perfectly protected against DDoS attacks. The resist mechanism is built inside the infrastructure. HostGator websites or blogs use custom firewalls for protecting your website or blog against DDoS.
It offers automatically generated backups. The backup time can be manually scheduled by you. No automatically generated backups. In HostGator you will have to do manual backups. For getting automatic backups you will have to enable paid upgrades like CodeGuard.


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Customer service and Technical support become very helpful whenever you gambled in any situation. To get out of it you may try online resources but god knows which one is 100% correct. It always benefits of having a knowledgeable, responsive and friendly customer care executives.

Both the web hosting companies Bluehost and HostGator provides the best customer service and support. So it is a tie round in Bluehost vs HostGator. They both have 24/7 support available. HostGator has tutorials uploaded on their support center.

WHO IS THE FINAL WINNER? (Bluehost vs HostGator)

Bluehost vs HostGator, who is the all-round winner?

  • HostGator is the best choice to start up with as it is well equipped with user-friendliness. Web building is very simple in HostGator comparatively to Bluehost. No free domain to start up with is the greatest con for HostGator.
  • Bluehost cannot be the best option for a beginner but it offers the best services for WordPress. Also, it is officially recommended by WordPress.
  • In terms of Security Bluehost surely wins the heart by providing free SSL certificate, integrated DDoS protection mechanism, and automatic backups.
  • For customer service and support both the companies have best support executives. So, there is a tie in that case.

Finally, our last and final winner is Bluehost.


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The Winner is

Bluehost Web Hosting

Bluehost Pros:

  • Best Uptime (99.99%)
  • Fast Loadtime (0.4ms)
  • Quick Customer Support
  • 1-Click Website Builder Install
  • Cheap Costing


Bluehost Cons:

  • Website Migration not Free