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Hostgator Reviews & Rating – Personal & Genuine Opinion

In this article, we will discuss about Hostgator Reviews. This is our personal and genuine opinion about Hostgator. Is it a good web hosting providers or not? Let’s See.

HostGator is one of the most robust and most extensive hosting companies in the world. It’s famous for offering various functionalities and flexible prices which target Webmasters. It also provides domain service packages and virtual private server WEB hosting. But their difference from other competitors is because of its dedicated hosting services.

Considered as a big-time player in the web hosting sector, HostGator is the ideal hosting company used by businessmen, entrepreneurs, and other individuals. It can give you a first-rate dedicated hosting service and own physical server. Even if you run it on different platforms such as Linux or Windows, the price always stays the same.

Hostgator Reviews & Rating – Personal & Genuine Opinion

Hostgator Reviews & Rating - Personal & Genuine Opinion

Using HostGator plan comes with great freebies that can undoubtedly help you with your work. The freebies include free website building tools that can bring your site to the next level and over 4,500 free website templates. It also provides site migration if needed. To further discuss this matter, here’s a little something about HostGator.

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Pros and Cons of HostGator

Just like every other service and product, every company inline with hosting have their pros and cons. To know more, here some of the pros and cons of HostGator.


Free Migration:

HostGator provide its users with a free migration service with all the new accounts. If you want to transfer your website, then HostGator’s expert team will attend to your needs with no extra charges during the 30 days after signing up.

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Reliable Hosting:

One of the best things about HostGator is that it guarantees 99.99% of uptime. It’s just one of the guarantees HostGator can offer to you. If you experience downtime below that, HostGator will compensate by giving you one-month credit on your account.

Flexible Billing Periods:

You’ll have an option to when you will set your billing period. You can choose either monthly or yearly, but the more extended billing periods can give you more discounts.

Money Back Guarantee:

Typically, web hosting companies don’t offer a money back guarantee to users exceeding the 30 days. HostGator however, has a 45-day money back guarantee period.


Aggressive Upselling of the Product:

When subscribing for a plan, you need to check the additional services pre-selected during the initial sign-up. If you’re undecided, you can uncheck the pre-selected services. You can just add them if you need them later on.

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No Free Domain:

Of all the hosting companies, HostGator is one of the few who doesn’t offer a free domain upon registration and signing up.

HostGator Reviews

HostGator and small business websites can be one of the best combos to achieve success in the online business industry. With cheap hosting packages, excellent customer support, speedy technology, and WordPress cloud plans, it can be the best hosting plan for you. If you want, you can look up Hostgator reviews for proof about their reliability.

This hosting company generally offers lower prices than its competitors, making it one of the most reliable application to use when managing your site. They may offer affordable prices, but that doesn’t mean that their plans are bare-bones. If you subscribe to their plans, they can provide you with enough features with robust hosting infrastructure.


Now that you have read some of the detailed HostGator reviews, you are probably deciding if it’s the right plan for you?

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The review listed is just one of the many excellent reviews online about HostGator. Over two million customers around the world trust HostGator. Whether you’re new in the digital marketing industry or a pro in your own field, with HostGator, you’ll find every tool necessary to upgrade and bring your website to the next level.