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How to Earn Money Online From Home Without Investment?

Do you have a question that, How to earn money online from home without investment? This is the right place to get the perfect answer to your question. In this article, we will discuss 20 ways to make money online without paying a single penny.

So, you have decided to start working from home. It is the best way to earn money online by doing some part-time or full-time work from home jobs.

When I was in this phase before start working I also had the same questions. Where to start from? What are prerequisites? And most importantly what are the jobs that I can do? These were the things which I was very much confused about. Finally, after some days of struggle, I finally started earning.

How to Earn Money Online From Home Without Investment?

How to Earn Money Online From Home Without Investment

The best thing about online work from home jobs is that you are totally free to choose your working hours and job. So, learn from an expert how to get online jobs. Spend time with your family and earn money online from home too.

This article has the best 20 online jobs in which you can start work from home and make money online without investment. I have personally tried all these online jobs. Also, I have good experience in most of the work from home jobs. So, read about all of them and decide which ones are best for you.

1) Paid Online Surveys

Websites like Clixsense, Neobux, and Swagbucks pay users for answering their surveys. It is the best source to earn money online with little effort. Firstly it doesn’t require any professional skills to start earning. Secondly, you can earn as much as you can. The sky is the limit. There are many people who are earning their dream figures.

The most important thing that you should remember in Paid Online surveys is that you should take patients. In the starting, you will surely not get a lot of surveys. Even more, you can earn a good amount of money online from the referral program. A commission is provided if you sign up new users to their platform using your referral link.

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2) Blogging

Previously what we talked about was easy work from home jobs. Blogging is also an easy platform to earn lots of money online. But you need to be professional in writing. If you are good at writing in any niche then start a blog now. Post your articles or blogs alternately on your website/blog. Put advertisements like Google Adsense on the page and make a passive income online from home.

In short, it is a very easy task. Just write, publish and wait. You can’t imagine how much you can earn from a blog. Many bloggers earn millions of dollars from a blog.

A blog is simply a website where you can post your writings. There are various platforms that allow you to create a blog without any need for coding knowledge. Make sure that your content is attractive and unique. Also, content must be useful for visitors. You can start blogging in any niche like technology blogging, fashion blogging, health, education, etc.

3) Online Writing Jobs

This online work-from-home job is also relevant to blogging. The only difference is that in blogging you write for your own site/blog. Whereas in writing jobs you write blogs, articles or content for others. As a result, they pay you for it.

There are many types of writing jobs available. For example article writing, copywriting, essay writing, etc. Choose which suits best for you. There are various online platforms where you can get online writing jobs. The freelancing sites are the best examples. Sign up there and create your professional profile. Bid on the jobs you find doable and start working.

Writing jobs are not only limited to writing for websites. You can also become a book writer. Product description and review writing also gives a good amount of money.

4) Affiliate Marketing

If you have a good social background then affiliate marketing can be the best choice. An example of affiliate marketing is already given in the first online work-from-home jobs. The referral link of paid online survey sites is the tool that will give money. Similarly, you can join the affiliate program of different platforms.

Nowadays, most digital selling companies run affiliate programs. They give 10% to 50% commission to refer someone.

Affiliate Marketing is most popular in eCommerce websites. Make your affiliate profile there and share your referral links. If anyone buys a product using your link in return you will be paid a commission. Most importantly you need a large community. A community which responsive too. Flipkart, Amazon, and eBay all run affiliate marketing programs to reach more customers.

Also, you can join ClickBank, Commission Junction, and Rakuten Marketing Affiliates. They are the best resource to make money online from the affiliate.

5) Transcriptionist

To earn money online being a transcriptionist you need to have good listening skills. What does a Transcriptionist do? A Transcriptionist hears an audio recording and converts them into a written format. If you have the ability to do this then it’s awesome work from home jobs.

Professional Transcriptionists are earning a lot through online work from home jobs. You can again go to the freelancing websites to find transcription jobs. There are a lot of transcription jobs available online. There are also some websites that hire Transcriptionists after a transcription test. Go through the internet to find more about it.

These are some good sites list where I am working and making money online.

  • Speechpad
  • Rev
  • Scribie
  • TranscribeMe
  • Gotranscript

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6) Proofreader

Proofreading is related to content writing. If someone wants very good content, so firstly he or she hires someone to write it. Secondly, he or she hires a Proofreader who can proofread the content to find out the mistakes. A Proofreader has the right to change the errors in the content to make it better.

Big writing firms like to hire Proofreaders. If you have a good command of the grammar of a language then you can become a Proofreader. However, if you are an article writer then also you can become a Proofreader. For that, you have to understand what is needed to make the content better.

Now a question arises from where we can become a Proofreader? Here also freelancing websites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Guru come into play. On the other hand, you can also contact directly to some writers or websites and apply for a Proofreading position.

7) Virtual Assistant

First of all, let’s understand what a Virtual Assistant means by this example. John has encountered some problems with his printer. He lives in a remote place so he can’t get any physical technical support. So what he can do is hire a Virtual Assistant who will assist him throughout the process of repairing his printer. Here John gets assistance but not in the real world. That’s what Virtual Assistance is.

You can help someone by guiding her or him virtually through the internet. Becoming a Virtual Assistant is a great online work-from-home job. Consequently, you will also get paid for it. There are numerous fields in which you can become a Virtual Assistant. Choose the one in which you are an expert.

8) Virtual Bookkeeper

This online work-from-home job is for commerce background persons. Virtual Bookkeeping allows you to manage the accounts and financial data of an organization remotely. This has been possible only because of remote bookkeeper software.

To become a Virtual Bookkeeper you can directly consult with organizations. Also, you can look for jobs online or on freelancing sites. For becoming a Virtual Bookkeeper make sure that you have the skills required in it.

Virtual Bookkeepers who have multiple clients are earning more than $50 per hour. So, if you are interested in finance management then you must go for it.

9) Online Tutor Jobs

Online teaching is a great example to make money online from home without investment. If you are good at anything which you can teach to others then these work from home jobs will be fun for you. Subsequently, it will also increase your knowledge. Sharing a piece of knowledge also increases knowledge. Moreover, you will also get paid for it.

To start as an online tutor you can use YouTube or other platforms. Such as Udemy and Codecademy. The best option will be to offer live classes to your students. It can be done in various ways. For example, designing your own app or website. Creating courses and selling them online is another way.

You can also become a personal tutor for students. You will get paid per hour or per doubts whatever is the deal. In all, you need to be knowledgeable. Other than you should also have the skill for conveying an idea to others. It’s very simple. Share your knowledge and Earn.

10) Teach Language Online

This job is also related to online teaching but specific to teaching languages. If you are a good grip on any language (English, German, French, etc) plus you have skills to teach people then you can become an online language teacher. You can create courses and sell them Or offer live classes for paid members. As a result, you can make money online from home.

Some people hire teachers for learning a language. Find your students and make them believe that you will teach them the language. Through Skype or any other platform start giving classes. Get paid per class or per hour. To find jobs you can also use freelancing sites.

11) Life Coach

To become a life coach you must possess outstanding communication skills. A life coach is not like ordinary counselors, mentors, etc. They can help you to achieve your goal with actionable plans. If you think you can guide someone like this then welcome to this online work-from-home jobs.

For catching clients, you can create your website. It should also have a portfolio to make clients believe. It’s obvious that in starting you will not receive many clients. So, advertise your services and gain clients. You can also write some articles or make video sessions on the internet or youtube.

12) Data Entry Jobs to Earn Money Online From Home

These must be the most popular work from home jobs. An inside fact about data entry jobs is that today there is a huge competition in this job. For a fresher in this field, it will take a lot of effort to get a job. But if you have proper skills and can show them then, the job is guaranteed.

First of all, make sure that you can work in Microsoft Office Applications. Like PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. MS Word and Excel are most important to learn. Most of the projects are done using these two applications.

From where can you get data entry jobs? All the freelancing websites have data entry jobs available. Nowadays newspaper ads also provide job postings. As this field is highly competitive, the chances of scams are high. So be very careful while dealing with your clients. Take jobs from reputed or approved clients. You can earn $5 to $25 per hour from data entry jobs.

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13) Online Translator and Interpreter

A single person can’t know all the languages. If you are good at any language then it’s a good time to earn money online. Sign up in any freelancing site and bid for translation jobs. It can be a translation from one language to another in digital format. You can also work for some companies that will provide you remote work from home.

14) Freelancing

In this article, we have seen the term freelancing many times. Now let’s actually make it clear how it is important to earn money online. Upwork, Truelancer, Freelancer.com, etc are the popular freelancing websites.

A freelancer is a self-employed person who can work according to herself or himself. Freelancers are not like an employee of an organization. They are free to choose their work and working hours. Freelancing platforms help the freelancer to reach clients offering work.

You can start freelancing in any field you want. Content writer, web designer, graphic designer, app developer, data entry, virtual assistants, etc are some common freelancing work. To become a successful freelancer you must have a professional profile. For students, this can be the best option for work from home jobs.

15) Mini Jobs in Fiverr

There will be no doubt if we say that Fiverr is the world’s no.1 freelancing marketplace. Fiverr is a platform for giving online work from home jobs. If you are good at something, for example, you can create a logo. Then post a gig through which clients can give you work for creating logos. The minimum price for a gig is $5 in Fiverr.

For getting work you should create an outstanding gig for attracting customers. It is like a shop where you make products as per order. Any type of work that you can provide online is appreciated. Fiverr is a fully legit website so no chance of scam. Even more, there is no minimum payment threshold. You can withdraw your payment whenever you want.

16) Website Tester

If you are interested in web testing then it is an easy way to earn money from home jobs. Some web developers, organizations or individuals hire persons to do some tests on their developed websites. You can work as a paid beta tester.

Nothing in this world is 100% correct and up to the mark. But by doing some little effort we can minimize the faults. As a website tester, your work is also the same. It will be better if you have web development knowledge.

17) Sell Photos

Are you interested in Photography? For every passionate photographer, this is the best work from home jobs. You can earn by selling your best photos online. Stock photography is also a platform where you can sell photos online.

Websites like Shutterstock pay good prices for stock photos. To join you need to pass their tests by showing your samples. There are more websites where you can try to sell photographs. Also, you can bid for any suitable job in Freelancing sites.

If you are good at designing images virtually then also you can earn by selling those images. High quality, attractive and professional-looking photos are only accepted. Also, you can sell an illustrator vector from this platform.

18) Chat/Email Support

For an organization, company or individual you can work in chat and email support team. It totally works from home jobs with good-paying. To get work you can directly contact them or through freelancing sites.

For this work, you need to have good communication skills in a particular language. The payment can be hourly or monthly depending upon for whom you’re working.

19) Social Media Evaluator

Social Media Evaluator is an opportunity to make money online to work from home jobs. If you are fond of using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram then it’s time to get some money for it. Just you need a laptop/computer, a Smartphone, and the Internet.

A Social Media Evaluator concisely notices all the trends and activities in his or her region. Some companies or individuals hire them for using their services. A Social Media Evaluator is responsible for the updating news feed, ads or search results of a company.

20) Consultant

Do you have good consulting skills? Then don’t miss the opportunity to online work from home jobs becoming a consultant. To join this field, firstly make sure in which domain you want to start consulting. It can be a medical consultant, financial consultant and much more. Decide which suits you best.

You can open your website from where people will get to know you. Also to gain more clients you will have to run advertisements. Mention all your services with the pricing on your website. Also, give your experience, achievements, and qualifications to put a positive impact.

Another way to get a consultant job is through searching for it online. Sometimes freelancing sites also work in this case. So don’t forget them. On the internet, there are also some platforms specially made for consultants. Find and join them.


Above all are the best 20 online work from home jobs to earn money online from home without investment. Now start work with any jobs you like. If you have a lot of free time then you can even try multiple works. It will also increase your income. In short, in any case, you will learn something new every time.

Some people must be confused about “How will we get paid?” So if you are working in Freelancing websites then you will be paid using their methods. You need to set up your payment method at the time of sign up. Secondly, if you are not working on any platform then you can accept payment through PayPal or other legit payment methods.