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Online Data Entry Jobs – Work From Home Jobs Without Investment

Online Data Entry Jobs can be a perfect fit for people who are searching for work from home jobs. No matter who you are, whether an entrepreneur, housewife, a retired person, or a student. If you are one among all, and willing to gain some extra bucks for your pocket money – Online Data Entry jobs can be your savior.

Online Data Entry Jobs - Work From Home Jobs Without Investment

All you need is to have a 25WPM(Words Per Minute) typing and basic comfortability with English knowledge, a PC with an internet connection, and you are good to go!

However, Online Data entry jobs are diverse; an individual needs to specialize in a particular domain. Therefore, we’ve gathered a list of various types of data entry jobs that you can choose as you need.

Different Types of Work From Home Jobs That You Can Do Online & Offline.

Have a look at the list of different data entry jobs that you can take depending on your skills and time.

Regular Online Data Entry Jobs:

This is the simplest job of all data entry jobs, which needs a typing speed of 20 to 30 WPM.

1. Plain Data Entry

Here, you need to include the typing of words into MS word. The only requirement you need to take this job is fundamental knowledge about English reading and writing.

Simply read from the PDF that is provided and convert it into a word document by manual writing.

Income Earned: You can earn 20 to 50 Rs per page.

2. Other Typing Work From Home Jobs

This includes working with an excel sheet. All you need is to fill the cells with the data that is provided. “The cherry on the cake” is that No formulas and calculation is necessary. This is one of the most accessible online data entry jobs.

Earning: You can earn 100 to 150 Rs per hour depending on your speed and efficiency.

3. Data Processor

The nature of the work in Data processing is a bit on the technical side. Here you need to create letters, reports, and mailing tables for which you must have excellent vocabulary and fluency in English.

The work may also demand to create a few technical things, like creating charts and graphs. Therefore, basic training is necessary before taking up this job.

4. Data Cleaning

One of the other well-known online data entry jobs is data scrubbing. Here, you need to detect and remove incorrect data or simply correct the false data. It can be anywhere in a word file or an excel spreadsheet.

Earning In These Work From Home Jobs: Here you’ll be paid according to your experience and accuracy of work.

Online Data Entry Jobs

The two best online data entry jobs that you can do from home are online form filling and take paid surveys. Check out the detailed explanation of both.

5. Online Form Filling Job

You need to enter the given data into the form from the database provided to you. This work needs to be done with a lot of attention, as every field must be filled precisely.

6. Survey Job

In this, all you need is to answer simple questions and fill the survey forms that will be assigned to you. A way needs 5 to 15 minutes, which varies according to the length of the form. This is one of the easiest and most common work from home jobs you will find online.

The income earned survey work is based on the number of survey forms you fill. Generally, you can earn Rs. 50 to Rs. 300 per survey.

Also, you can find lots of data entry jobs on Jooble.org. Just sign up and apply on jobs.

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Micro Jobs

You may find Micro jobs different when you compare them to other online data entry jobs. Because the nature of the work in these jobs are pretty different.

7. Captcha Clear Jobs

In this, you need to clear captchas that are provided for security purposes. It contains plain texts, numbers, and alphanumeric data. The job demands to solve hundreds of captchas every day.

8. Copy and Paste Work

The work in copy and paste job is rapid and more straightforward. In this work from home job, you need to copy the data from one file and then paste it into another. You may get a word or an excel sheet. Here you may not need to type much, though you need to check grammatical errors that need accurate English knowledge.

9. Creating Enchanting Captions

This job requires a lot of creativity as you need to write attractive taglines and headings for images and news articles. However, you may not find these kinds of jobs, usually when you search for “online data entry jobs”. Because News and Media Industries offer these jobs, and hence they are scarce to find.

10. Formatting & Correcting Jobs

This job needs precise knowledge of formattings like text alignment, paragraph formatting, font type, etc. It is one of the most available work from home jobs where you do not have to write or type a lot. Here you only need to focus more on formatting, which may also contain the format of various fields like Email ID, Name, Address, and Contact No.

11. Arranging and Editing Job

Here you must have considerable information on English. Because you won’t just address spelling botches yet besides language structure. You additionally need altering abilities in which you need to reformat a whole archive.

File Conversion Job

The file converting jobs is similar to other online data entry jobs but with a difference. Here, you will be given an image or audio which you need to convert into a word document.

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12. Image to Word

Here, you will be given an image or a screenshot that had words written on it. You simply have to read those images and then write it into a word document. The only drawback of this job is that this does not consist of simple English. Here, you will need accuracy in English, and you are good to go!

13. Convert Audio to Text

In this job, you need to listen to the audio that is provided to you and convert it into a word form. The English of this audio is a bit difficult. Hence you need precise English listening skills. P.S. every word should be accurate as spoken in the sound- therefore, you will have to be careful while implementing this job.

Earning: In these kinds of jobs varies according to the company and the amount of work you take. However, you can good, pretty good.

Transcription Work From Home Jobs:

Transcription jobs are one of the most challenging types of data entry jobs.

14. Medical Transcriptionist

In this job, you need to listen precisely to the audio files and then pen them down into the word document. The role includes medical terminologies. Hence you need to be well-versed with all the words into it.

15. Medicinal Coding

This is very distinct from all the data entry jobs mentioned, and this needs appropriate medical coding, which consists of the transformation of healthcare, diagnosis, and much more into alphanumeric codes. This type of job is sporadic to find.

Income Earning: Though they are one of the most robust work from home jobs, transcription jobs also pay you the right amount in return.

Other Miscellaneous Online Data Entry Jobs

16. Data Capturing Jobs

In this work from home job, you need to capture data from numerous internet publications such as E-books, E-Documents & Online Magazines. This job requires good English for better prospects.

17. Email Processing Work

Email Processing is one of the highest-paid jobs in the world of online data entry jobs. Here, you need to process a massive number of emails everyday and create a spreadsheet to maintain it. This job requires a lot more effort than a regular data typing job.

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18. Database Updating Job

In this job, you have to update the existing database and create a new online. The database consists of creating various fields that include Name, Contact, Email, and Address.

CRM Data Entry Work

In this kind of online data entry job, you will have to enter data into numerous CRM software.

19. Catalog Data Entry Operator

Another most available work from home job is the catalog data entry job. Here, you need to read the fields from the database and then fill them into different online and offline software. The grounds consist of product names, Manufacture date, price, barcode number, etc

20. Finance Data Entry Operator

It is an exceptionally standard information passage keyer work. All you need is to enter the worker name, installment subtleties, remittances, etc. What’s more? The only essential thing in financial data is Focus because it contains entries with numerical.

21. Entering Data into Web-Based System

In this information passagework, you enter information into an electronic framework from various types of item inventories. You need to peruse records relating to lawful divisions or protection guarantees and record them into a word report or exceed expectations spreadsheet.

Data Entry Clerks

There are many clerks’ data entry jobs that you can do in your free time. Mostly, these jobs do not need any kind of hassle, and one can easily do it in their day time. They usually require the typical 9 to 5 working time if you are willing to generate handsome income from it.

22. Hospital Data Entry

You enter subtleties like patient health notes, mishap reports, medical clinic records, and so on into an excel sheet or in any hospital management software.

23. Municipal Clerk Jobs

Here you go into civil records subtleties like birth records, official archives, town records, and so on. This kind of work is offline and demands full time from 9 to 5.

Writing Work From Home Jobs

These are not included in data entry work. However, they can be helpful if you are willing to earn a few extra pounds.

24. Content Writing

You can compose content for different destinations and bloggers. You need to craft an article of varying length, distinct topics, and then submit it online to numerous article submission websites or private blog networks such as blogger or WordPress.

25. Copywriting

Similarly copywriting is tied in with composing advertisements. So, many advertisers hire an online copywriter who can write short articles for them. In this type of job, you will have to write a short article that asks the conclusion of the post. In other words, you have to make the article short and attractive. So, the reader gets the exact message which we want to provide.


There are many online data entry jobs as listed above, but to make regular cash flow, one needs to specialize in a single field. So pick one from the mentioned above and start earning some extra cash for your pocket today!

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