cm to km (Centimeters to Kilometers) Converter Online

This converter will help you to convert cm to km (Centimeters to Kilometers) with the accurate and fast result. Just enter centimeters value in below box and as a result, kilometers will automatically be calculated in the second box very quickly.

Centimeters (cm)

Kilometers (km)

Conversion Formulas for cm to km (Centimeters to Kilometers)

The below formula is used to convert Centimeters to Kilometers or Kilometers to Centimeters.

Centimeters to Kilometers formula

1 cm = 0.00001 km

Kilometers to Centimeters formula

1 km = 100000 cm

cm to km (Centimeters to Kilometers) converter Online Tool

Centimeter Definition

This is the unit of length and is expressed by the International System of Units (SI). It is known with symbol cm or Centimeter. It is defined as 1/100 meters.

Kilometer Definition

This is a metric unit of measurement equal to 1,000 meters. The symbol of kilometers is km. Usually, it is used to calculate road distance from one place to another place.

How to use?

Just enter the cm value inside the first text box which is at the top of the page. When you enter the value inside the box the mechanism works. As a result, you will get your conversion result in km format in second text box.

Even more, this tool also work in vice versa. So, you can convert km to cm also. Just press the value inside the box and the calculation will give you the result.


By multiplication

5 cm * 0.00001 = 0.00005 km

By division

5 cm / 100000 = 0.00005 km

cm to km / (Centimeters to Kilometers) Conversion Table

You can find first 10 centimeters converted to kilometers in below table.

Centimetre kilometre
1 cm 0.00001 km
2 cm 0.00002 km
3 cm 0.00003 km
4 cm 0.00004 km
5 cm 0.00005 km
6 cm 0.00006 km
7 cm 0.00007 km
8 cm 0.00008 km
9 cm 0.00009 km
10 cm 0.0001 km
11 cm 0.00011 km
12 cm 0.00012 km
13 cm 0.00013 km
14 cm 0.00014 km
15 cm 0.00015 km
16 cm 0.00016 km
17 cm 0.00017 km
18 cm 0.00018 km
19 cm 0.00019 km
20 cm 0.0002 km
21 cm 0.00021 km
22 cm 0.00022 km
23 cm 0.00023 km
24 cm 0.00024 km
25 cm 0.00025 km
26 cm 0.00026 km
27 cm 0.00027 km
28 cm 0.00028 km
29 cm 0.00029 km
30 cm 0.0003 km

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