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This converter will help you to convert KMH to MPH with the accurate and fast result. Just enter Kilometers per hours value in below box and as a result, Miles per hour will automatically be calculated in the second box very quickly.

Kilometers per hours (kmh)

Miles per hour (mph)

Conversion Formulas for KMH to MPH

Kilometers per hours to Miles per hour formula

1 km/h = 0.62137 m/h

Miles per hours to Kilometers per hour formula

1 m/h = 1.60934 m/h

KMH to MPH converter Online Tool

KMH Definition, History and Usage

This is the unit of speed and is expressed by the number of kilometers traveled in one hour. This unit is found in 1799 and it's based on its subunit meter. Oxford English Dictionary introduced kilometer word in 1810.

This measurement unit is typically used in those countries which are using the metric system for transportation. Also, on road speed limits are given in kilometers per hour. So, the user can see that and follow the rules.

MPH Definition and Usage

This is also the unit of speed, and it shows the number of miles traveled in one hour. 1 mile per hour is equal to 1.60934 km/h.

Along with kilometer per hour, mph is also mostly used to measure speed limit. This unit is used especially in United Kingdom and United States.

How to use converter?

It's very simple to use this converter. Just enter the value inside the first text box which is at the top of the page. When you enter the value inside the box the mechanism works quickly. As a result, you will get your conversion result in the second text box without a page load.

Even more, this tool allows you the reverse conversion. So, you can convert MPH to KMH also. Just press the value inside the miles per hour box and the calculation will give you the result.

Conversion of kmh to mph is very fast because we have used an advanced jquery and javascript code to make a user-friendly and fast interface. Our main aim is to make design simple and easy to use for normal users.

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