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8 Reasons Why You Should Learn JavaScript Language

JavaScript is a High-Level Programming Language. In this tutorial, we will discuss 8 Reasons Why You Should Learn JavaScript Language? Javascript is a high-level computer programming language that allows you to create interactive effects and implement complex things within your web pages. It involves displaying interactive maps, animated 2D/3D graphics, timely content updates, scrolling video jukeboxes, and more.

Javascript is one of the layers of the standard web technologies and World Wide Web content production alongside CSS and HTML. It can work across a vast number of devices and platforms. It can also help companies to develop innovative games, design visual effects, create UI interactions, and debug their websites and applications.

JavaScript is a great first web language you must learn. Knowing how to code it can be your first ticket in the field of computer programming and web development. To know more, check out these top reasons why you should learn JavaScript.

Why You Should Learn JavaScript

JavaScript is Everywhere

JavaScript is one of the most popular web programming languages worldwide. It has a vast ecosystem, simple syntax, and a great community. It’s also an open standard that a JavaScript developer can implement using a variety of engines. With that, it can lead to a collaboration of many IoT devices and build with each other to keep their ideals alive.

This web programming language can also work everywhere. It works in node.js as its runtime environment. Node.js can help execute JavaScript code outside the browser. It allows the developers to use it for writing command line tools and running scripts server-side. It also helps produce dynamic web page content before sending it to the user.

JavaScript also works on a lot of IoT devices. As one of the useful technologies, Javascript can contribute to the development of IoT. It can provide a lot of benefits for IoT that can help open up new career avenues for web developers. Using it will also help you make the cross-platform desktop.

It’s Used in Every Browser

JavaScript can be considered as the universal language of the internet. It can power all browsers without setting up code editors and environments. However, its engines can be different from each other. Firefox uses spider monkey, chrome use v8 engine, and Microsoft edge use chakra.

Almost all web pages nowadays contain JavaScript that would run on a visitor’s web page and make it more functional. It can power all browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Apple Safari, and Firefox without figuring out complicated compilers and learning to use them. It’s one of the reasons why Javascript is a must-have for your toolkit.

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It Helps to Debug Websites and Apps

You can use Javascript as a platform that can help you dive deep and figure out how it can work for a company. It can also help you to figure out bugs and issues on their web pages to help keep each of their operations running smoothly.

Since errors can happen any time, you can write new codes on your computer. Then, you can perform debugging to help identify and remove errors from your computer hardware or software. You can do it more effectively with the help of a built-in JavaScript debugger.

Utilizing built-in JavaScript debugger allows you to set breakpoints where you can stop the code execution and examine their variables. This programming code may contain logical errors or syntax errors. Thus, you can search and fix those errors more effectively by using the JavaScript debugger in your browser.

Big Data and Cloud Development

Big data is a large volume of structured and unstructured information that’s difficult to process using software techniques and traditional database. Its size is too big, it moves too fast, and exceed the current processing capacity as well. But it can be analyzed with insights that can lead to better strategic business movements and decisions.

JavaScript and big data can have a great future together. People who have skills in both of these areas will be in high demand. JSON or JavaScript Object Notation is today’s major standard data interchange that you can use on the modern world. MongoDB and other NoSQL databases use JSON documents to help store their records.

JavaScript developers can use any programming language for JSON while connecting their applications to Big Data. Apart from that, Node.js is also an excellent choice when you want to build cloud applications. It’s one of the languages that is supported by Microsoft Azure, Amazon, and Google.

Online Learning Opportunities

There is a growing number of classes and tutorials about JavaScript emerged in recent years. The likes of Udacity, Codecademy, General Assembly, W3Schools.com, and other platforms can help you learn about JavaScript. They are an interactive and engaging way to get valuable insights into this web language.

JavaScript has become an integral part of the digital future since there are a lot of technologies that rely on its database and its basic functionality. You can learn about it by trying out coding boot camps where you can enroll online for about six weeks or more. It’s a way to develop your programming skills and learn about coding and JavaScript.

If you want to be a programmer or web developer, it can be helpful to enroll in Javascript online tutorials and classes to help learn about it quickly. It’s a way to help familiarize yourself with JavaScript as well as how it works. Thus, with your new JavaScript skills, you may develop the next application that can change the world.

Mobile App Development

Javascript is essential for the development of mobile application nowadays by developing them. Both Google and Apple use Javascript on its mobile development toolkits that can help extend their developer base. Thus, utilizing JavaScript can provide a company with a strong demand for the future of mobile apps.

You can also develop mobile apps with the help of JavaScript frameworks. One of them is PhoneGap or also known as Apache Cordova. It’s a framework you can utilize for cross-platform app development. On the other hand, jQuery mobile is a framework that can help enhance a mobile application to load faster.

Job Security

Programmers, web designers, and coders are the architect of today’s digital era. They’re responsible for providing the digital world with a lot of new possibilities through classes, line after line of functions, objects, and loops. Apart from that, learning about Javascript can also provide you with job security along the way.

You’ll be able to secure your future if you know how to code JavaScript or have the ability to use a tool like Node.js. It also helps you develop an efficient cloud service stack or build the next generation of high-performance mobile applications.

You’ll also be one of the primary architects of the digital world if you have the ability and knowledge about Javascript. With that, you’ll find no lack of jobs or opportunities along the way that you can use to succeed in the field.

Backend and Server-side Development

If you aren’t interested in mobile application development, you can find your niche in backend development with the help of JavaScript. Node.js made the first legitimate attempt to help bring JavaScript to the server-side. It’s a software platform you can use to build fast and scalable network applications.

Node.js is also a JavaScript runtime built on Google’s V8 JavaScript engine or the Chrome browser runtime environment. It uses non-blocking and event-driven I/O model that makes it more efficient and lightweight. With that, it has gained popularity among developers and significant enterprises.

Node.js also helps revolutionize backend web development and contribute to bringing high-level of performance to the frontend. It contributes to the improvement of modern JavaScript frameworks like React, Vue, or Angular and the expansion of overall JS ecosystem.


Learning about JavaScript programming language is beneficial for you. It can help you in designing visual effects, developing innovative games, displaying timely content updates, and even debugging your websites and applications.

It consists of programming features that allow you to store useful values inside variables and perform operations on pieces of text. Even more, it allows you to run its code in response to a significant event occurring in your web page. Hence, learning it can provide you with valuable insights such as those listed above and help you excel and succeed in the field.