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6 Killer Email Marketing Writing Ideas that will Help you to Generate Quality Leads

6 Killer Email Marketing Writing Ideas that will Help you to Generate Quality Leads

Email marketing remains to be one of the top strategies to acquire quality leads.

Check this out: Research from Experian states that $ 1 invested in email marketing initiatives yields approximately $ 44.25 return for marketers.

Here’s the truth: It has generally been found that people find comfort from emails and it is one of the best marketing mediums to attract quality leads.

But, still, the problem is, not many businessmen are aware of this technique to get great conversion rates through email marketing writing ideas.

Even if they know it is extremely difficult to launch an effective lead-generating email marketing copy.

If you are one of them and are finding it difficult to come up email marketing writing ideas this blog is tailor-made to meet your needs.

Keep reading: We promise that after reading this blog you will be able to create breakthrough writing ideas to drive an advantage to your email marketing campaign.

In the upcoming sections, we will teach you step-by-step email marketing writing ideas that will give wings to your campaign and drive quality traffic from it.

But, before we do that it is important to look at the different things that you should avoid while writing email marketing content for your business:

  • Ignoring the concept of a call to action (CTAs) in the concluding part of the email
  • Not meeting the expectations of your readers
  • Making grammar and spelling mistakes in the content
  • Using sales-heavy language containing lots of cliches

Now that you are aware of the different things to be avoided while writing email marketing content as promised let us look at some killer email marketing writing ideas that will help you to generate quality leads:

Creatively draft a subject line to entice the recipient of the email to click on it and read the entire content

If you are wondering what is the ultimate deal breaker when it comes to writing a great email marketing copy the answer is super creative subject lines that entice the recipients to click on it to read more.

Here’s the deal: You will win an important battle if you are able to convince your recipients that there is something useful in the email.

We’re not going to lie to you…..Lots of time, emails from reputed companies go to the junk folder of the recipients the reason being, they are not enticing enough for the receipts to read on.

They simply delete it off or mark it as spam, which makes your efforts zero in the market.

The best part? If you want your receipts to read the entire content of your email, it is important to write a creative subject line that makes them wonder in surprise. This surprise element is the weapon that will lead you to success while drafting emails.

Keep reading: In addition to making your subject line creative and surprising, it is important to make it benefit-driven.

If you are providing benefits upfront it makes your case easier and the receipt buys into your business concept.

Check this out: Also, do not forget to add what they might miss out if they do not open the email.

Writers go through “writer’s block” when it comes to creating out-of-the-box subject lines for emails.

But, this is the beauty of email marketing.

The more creative you are in your writing the better will be the rate of your email to be opened.

Here’s the deal: If you need help in coming up with benefit-driven and creative subject lines for your emails, you can browse this list here.

Always write an email as if you are writing a web copy to grab instant attention of your recipients

The best part? Always follow the same rule while writing emails as writing web copies.

  • Keep the paragraphs short and precise (About 3 to 5 lines).
  • Follow a logical sequencing (start with the idea and end with the conceptualization)
  • Include a single idea per paragraph

Break down your points into subheadings and ensure that your content is scannable.

Never ever use caps lock in both the subject line or the email body because it can hurt your email open rate

It is quite easy to use caps lock in the subject line of the email to showcase a surprising element or drive home your point in a creative manner.

We’re not going to lie to you……But, the problem with this approach is that most of your recipients will think of the words in the caps lock as a way to shout.

The other problem is that overuse of caps lock can make your email content look spammy.

Keep reading: Your entire email marketing campaign will go down if some of your subscribers report you. It can even make a drastic effect on the deliverability of your emails. The email newsletter service used by the recipients can also blacklist your email.

The best way is to ensure that your email subject line and body content is free from bold letters.

Avoid regular run-of-mills emails by creating a conversational email copy that engages your recipients

This is the truth about email marketing write-ups: There is no way to sound clinched and still sell your email copy to your recipients. Always remember, the email needs to be drafted in such a way that it seems that there is a conversation going on between two people.

But, never be boring. Always adopt new ways to engage the recipients. Stir your imaginations and come up with something creative and different that provides benefit to your recipients.

Keep reading: It can be a creative storyline of your existing customers, a personal anecdote or an insider’s view of your company.

What’s the bottom line here? Once you build an emotional connection with your recipients it will help you to engage them in a better way.

Know your ultimate business objective while drafting an email to drive home the advantage of high quality leads from the receipts

It is extremely important to know what you want to accomplish from each email that you send to the recipients.

Keep reading: In every email, you should have a singular objective to accomplish. This way you will be able to focus on the benefits that the recipients can get from the email.

Here’s the deal: Always take care to include the key action in the email content which encourages your recipients to convert into your leads.

Always write the emails in such a way that the recipients feel that the content is written specifically for them and no one else

Check this out: Always include the first name of the recipient in the email body to grab their attention. You can even use this strategy while creating a catchy subject line for your email.

Write emails after keeping into consideration the demographics of the target audience you are writing for.

Send different emails according to the age, gender and location of your audience.

This way you can drive home an advantage, making them read your entire email giving yourself an adequate chance of converting them into a potential lead.

Parting Words

Now that you are aware of the killer email marketing writing ideas to generate quality leads it is important to implement them.

In case, you need any help in formulating an effective email marketing strategy, contact ADEL SEO today and we will more than glad to assist you with your business requirements.

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