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5 Highly Effective Less Effort & High Return SEO Hacks for 2019

5 Highly Effective Less Effort & High Return SEO Hacks for 2019

Hello friends, In this post, we will discuss 5 Highly Effective Less Effort & High Return SEO Hacks for 2019. These SEO Hacks will give you 100% results and make your website rank high in search engines.

There is a reason SEO is talked about every time and always with the same emphasis on content, engagement and also the back-linking and analytics, you have to focus on. The reason is that SEO is the front office of all your online and even offline sales because when you do it wrong, you are sure to lose on possible sales as required by your business.

Do it right, and you will enjoy the rapid shift from an increase in traffic to your site. This leads to higher conversions and thereby improves your lead generation. The ultimate result? A total revamp to your sales revenue as more leads are easier to convert into sale closure!

Here is a list of 5 of the most important SEO hacks to get your business successfully into 2019!

1. Work more on your topics than you do on keywords

You can easily get keywords from any simple online search. It is no wonder, then, if they really do not give much weight to your content value. I am not saying that you ignore them totally, but rather make them work to optimize the content which you have worked so hard to generate.

So what makes a piece of writing stand out from all the rest in search engines? It is the topic of course! When you craft a catchy topic on a particular niche, chances are it will quickly pop up in all searches that relate to that topic. The good thing about a topic is that it has a broader scope thus does not require specifics when someone is searching. SEO is all about relevance and what could be more relevant than the topic of any content?

While at it, you may also want to rework on some of the content that almost made it in 2018 but just fell short because of a few minor deficiencies. Perhaps what you need is to revamp that content to make it more 2019 savvy.

2. Optimize more with YouTube

Shilpa Shah, the co-founder of Hummingbird Web Solutions in an article on videos speaks on the importance of videos as having so much “untapped potential.” Here is why;

  • They work best for engagement and user interaction
  • Because not many people have the time to create one, videos are awesome for SEO because there are quite a few in each niche compared to links
  • Customers would rather go through a minute’s video that read through any 500-word blog
  • They are a great way to increase traffic to your site

So the next time you are skimping up on what to write about, think more of just how to show that content. A video you can upload on YouTube is a great place to start. You can add this video link to any other content piece that has to do with that topic on your website.

3. Improve your customer engagement

There are a million ways to increase engagement with visitors to your site but I will highlight just a few top ones. One of the easiest ways to engage your visitors is by giving them value for their time. After coming up with a really great title for your post, optimizing it some more with links and a video to boost, you still need to gain their attention through language discourse.

Your content can be that much more interesting if you make it easier to understand. Writing in a style and tone that shows that you know them and are at the same level as them is a terrific way for engagement. For that to happen though, it starts from the background work you carry out before you get to write your content. Profiling for all your customers helps in understanding their needs, interests, and preferences.

When they do comment and give you feedback, always be prompt to respond even when some of the comments are not exactly what you are hoping to get. At times, you may even follow-up on those negative comments. This does not only resonate with a positive shift towards your business but also adds to the activity levels on your page! Watch the following video to learn more about engagement.

4. Pay attention to your Analytics tool

Developers did not come up with analytics tools just to complicate their products. There is much you can learn about your customers just by going through your site performance analytics. For instance, you will know which posts did so well and then you may want to do more of what you did when you created them.

Analytics also give you the feedback you need to revamp your content in line with user preferences and requirements.

5. Improve your site Speed

Though last on this list, site speed is one of the major turn-on features for any engagement with users. No-one has the time nor desire to wait for long minutes just to get into your pages and then start reading through your content. Invest in a great host, clear up the clutter and make the site user-friendly in any way you can because optimization is all about appeal to the visitors.

All the designing and content crafting will just go to waste if they are loaded up on a site that turns people off with its slowness. Usually free and low-cost hosts offer very poor support thus resulting in low site performance so it may be an ideal investment paying up a little bit more on site hosting.

For successful results with 2019 SEO high return goals, go all the way in these easy SEO hacks and you will enjoy the revenue in no time. It is always best to make sure that the engagement you give and get from your site visitors leads to conversion so start on it earlier in the marketing campaign. It all begins with the simplest of things such as the performance of your site so that when you finally give them content to read, they are already loving the experience.

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