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How to Use Search Operators to Find Advanced Link Building Opportunities?

Advanced Link Building Opportunities

In this article, we will discuss How to Use Search Operators to Find Advanced Link Building Opportunities? As Google releases one algorithm update after another, the need to switch to white hat SEO from black hat SEO and other shady SEO practices grows bigger.

But building white hat links is hard, or is it? Well, it certainly demands more efforts than black hat SEO techniques, but it can be well worth it in the long term.

However, even white hat link building can be made easier if you know how to use certain search operators to easily find many white hat link building opportunities.

Replicating Competitor Backlinks

Why reinvent the wheel when you can simply take what’s working and make it work for you? Replicating your competitor’s backlinks is believed to be one of the most effective ways to quickly find quality backlinks that are working for them.

This can be done using the following advanced search operator:

  • Link:competitorsitename.com
  • site:competitorsitename.com

Finding Guest Post Opportunities

Guest posts are the most popular type of white hat links, as they can be relatively easy to get. The trick here is to guest post on sites that are in the same or a relevant niche as yours so that they turn out to be very effective for your website’s SEO.

You can use the following search operators to find guest post link building opportunities:

  • Keyword “guest post”
  • Keyword “write for us”
  • Keyword “guest blog”
  • Keyword “guest article”

And more than you can find in the detailed infographic. Also, you can replace the keyword in the above search operators with the name of your competitor to find the sites they have already made guest posts on as a great way to learn.

Finding Resource Pages

Resource pages are very well-established, authoritative sources of useful information in the niche, and they do have some strong SEO juice to offer.

To get a link from these resource pages, you first need to have in-depth, genuinely useful content. If you do, you can reach out to the webmasters managing resource pages in your niche by finding them using the following search operators:

  • Keyword “top resources”/”top 10 resources”
  • Keyword “intitle:resources”
  • Keyword “recommended links”/”suggested links”

As well as the many others you find in the long list of search operators mentioned under the “industry resources” section in the infographic. Finally, know that you will need to do this on a large scale to land a decent number of high-quality links.

Listing Your Websites

Most niches have niche-specific directories, and a link from them can help your site’s SEO as well. You can find them using these search operators:

  • Keyword “suggest site ”/”recommended site”/”post site”/”add a site”

Then use the same search operator by replacing the “site” in it with “URL”, “listing” and more, as well as use the other search operators that you can find in the infographic.

Donating to Non-Profit Organizations

This is a fairly unique white hat link building technique where you can get some great links while also helping non-profit organizations.

Many of these organizations link to the sites of people that make a donation, so you can use this strategy if you have the budget.

All you need to do is use the search operators mentioned in the infographic to find the non-profit organizations that do this and reach out to them.

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